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April 22 2017


self-care is spending 90% of your day absorbed in fictional worlds/characters to avoid thinking about or engaging with your very real problems




i havent shaved my legs in a really long time and while i was babysitting my skirt edged up a bit and the seven year old i was watching said “ew you should shave that hairs not supposed to be there” and i said “well if its not supposed to be there then why does it grow there?” and he was really silent for a long time and then finally said “lets watch sonic the hedgehog”

tumors grow, are they supposed to be there?

its called “evolution”, just because its there doesnt mean its useful or wanted.

Local Man Compares Leg Hair To Cancer, Genuinely Thought It Was A Smart Argument. More At Six.

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Been looking at this for a while, and something about it seemed off.  Something else is going on here, behind the scenes.  And it hit me.


Look at where the floor is.  Her legs, in order to reach it, must be Liefeldian in length!  And then the obvious solution presented itself.


She’s standing on a dog!

No wonder this man is in here crying. She is a monster.

Far be it from me to argue with someone with nineteen years and counting of artistic experience, but that is exactly what I’m going to do, right now! Watch me! 


Yes, examination of that background and the marks on the floor of the shed lead me to the conclusion that there’s a great big hill of sand for her to be standing on. Thus obviously the reason he’s crying is that he’s just finished sweeping and now she’s letting all the sand in. As someone who spent many years at a summer camp with a sandy bank by the lake, and who was often made to sweep his own bunk, I can assure you that this is an unforgivable offense. Sand is the worst and there is always more of it. 

I will give you that there definitely appears to be sand.  However, it’s a clearly not a solid fixture of sand which would support the weight of an adult human woman.  



now he can’t even close the door

fuck you, lady

This is the reason I am on tumblr

#someone photoshop Anakin’s face on the guy



problem solved 

Y’all I came on tumblr for this kind of shit I’m so impressed

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hat films bois, probs looking at something made of marble

thanks @h0lyhandgrenade for da ink tips :>

April 21 2017

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April 20 2017

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Another one of those Draw This Again memes. I did this one a while ago now, but never bothered to post them like this with the original from 2012. (I think they have this up on their wall in Yog Towers. I saw it in a video once, but this was a while ago, haha.) - Thom



I find it fascinating that people who choose not to have children are generally assumed to feel really strongly about not having children (or even to feel really strongly against children, anyone’s children, in general). I am probably not going to have children, not because I REALLY REALLY HATE the idea of having children, but because I don’t really really love it. Out of all the major decisions I will make in my life, this one is the only irreversible one. I can sell a house, quit a job, divorce a spouse, whatever. I cannot unhave a child. I cannot opt out of being a parent once I become a parent. I can’t even take a step back for the sake of self-care or whatever, or else my child will suffer.

So for me, having children is fuck yes or not at all. The default will be to remain childfree. Having children should be an opt-in decision, not an opt-out one. Until/unless I develop really strong feelings about wanting to have children, I won’t have them, even if that means I never end up having them at all.

As a mother, I really wish more people gave having children this kind of clear contemplation and thought. It’s an irreversible decision. Too many people don’t understand that.

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Carrie is a better anti-bullying message than 13 Reasons Why because she didn’t mail passive aggressive cassette tapes around to people who were tangentially involved she just psychically killed everyone who had ever hurt her and blew up half the town

i thought this was about carrie fisher and was both confused and impressed

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My dash, a thing

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420 years ago, on 4/20, the moon was made of weed.

This is the only day you can reblog this. Do it for Weed Moon.

April 19 2017

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theres no visual indication of this at all but i get the feeling innately in my gut that this is cropped porn

this is a canon FusionFall image but i feel like i deeply understand this suspicion

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xavier, the 8 year old i babysit, graciously allowed me to redraw some of his pokemon designs ! i think he was going for ivysabre with the last one - hope he doesnt mind i took some liberties with em h hah h a



If you had a 12 inch penis, you could tattoo tick marks on it and use it as a ruler.

*whips my absolutely brolic cock out and smacks it on to the table next to my project at the local Michaels arts and crafts early bird Saturday event*

April 17 2017






you could be my boyfriend of 85 years or my husband of 586778 years or my favourite teacher or my most beloved mentor but if you are a man and you yell at me or raise your voice at me i can 100% guarantee our relationship will never be the same ever again there is something so treacherous about men who needlessly raise their voice 

Okay, but replace man with woman… Sounding a lil sexist. 

why stop there!! let’s replace man with gecko!! i HATE reptiles! 


awww. i don’t mean you gecko girl it’s okay i’m sorry 


me: okay im gonna speed run inquisition this time and only do important quests !

refugee: my wife is sick
dalish widow: templars stole my ring
berand: the lady vellina should be here…

me: fuck

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im really bad at conversations sorry if ive ever talked to you


*eyes snap open at 3:52am* nobody likes me



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